Monthly Archives: May 2014

This Wonderful Place

The small things are the ones that matter the most in life. Sitting at the table with grandma, discovering that your momma got her feet and hands and body from her, seeing, for the first time, the stark similarities. Realizing that all you got from your momma, you got from your grandma, and thanking God, because your grandma is as wonderful as they come. Apart from that stubborn streak that you see in her that you see in your momma and in yourself, that one that your boyfriend cannot stand, and you cannot help.
Going exploring in the hills with your cousins, eating wild fruits that none of your friends know. Heck, even you don’t know their English names! They are bitter, they are sweet, they have acquired taste. Watching little Shannon discover a butterfly and chase after it, squealing with delight. Or when she shows the boys a pretty white flower they care nothing about. Or listening to the boys regaling their tales of rabbit hunting, or watching the dogs chase after lizards.
Even the fantastic view of freshly tilled farms stretching on for miles and miles, and the homesteads with their tin roofs and banana trees interspersed amongst them. The forest afar, the looming heights of the trees diminished by the fact that you’re all the way up here, on a rock, eating half-ripe guavas with not a care in the world. Here I can be….. Here I am free. Free to imagine anything, free to be me.
The wind blows by, and the leaves sing a harmony. There’s hyena poop in selected areas, there’s thick, soft mossy grass covering the rocks, and there’s actual moss. There’s some people herding their flock, there’s children on the trees, others are shimmying down the steep rock faces. The air is fresh and clean, the sunsets wonderfully orange, just like the colour of Melissa’s pants.
Here I can live, here, i can thrive.