Someone Like You

That she was blamed for inadequacies in ego… Making it her fault that he broke his promises due to an irreparable sense of inadequacy… Not being allowed to change… And any counsel that went against his opinions was wrong… Aggression against the entire damn world… And all the overlooked sacrifices, all the overlooked effort… That she was the only one striving to adapt, to fit a mould that was always very unforgiving… To be reminded that she was inadequate, not a good enough person, mate, confidant, critic, advisor, even spiritually… To be criminalized for poor personal choices… The stinging words… To have every one of his twenty friends know every darn thing about their darn misunderstandings and fights and what was apparently wrong with her… To almost throw away a career and prospects so she could be by his side…

To be called a liar, never getting the allowance to get a word in edgewise… And even after the mutual agreement to end things, she still believed his promise… That he would be fine, get along just fine… But that it would take a while before he got back in the scene… That she still believed and got comfort from that statement… I guess she was the fool…

Because it wasn’t even a month down the line when he tells her he’s found someone, he’s moving on… Because the someone has been by his side all along… Because she was there for him through every whip… Because the infallible, always-right, never lying Mr. Perfect’s last statement was a blatant lie… Because he is a liar too, and a preacher that drinks his own wine…

It is true, that every breakup has two sides, and this is just hers. It may be biased, it may be jaded, it may be laced with intent… But it is HER story to tell, and I am telling it. Because it is finally time she stood up for herself, even via proxy. Because this isn’t the last night she’ll erupt into spontaneous tears, grieving over someone she would rather not remember…

Because, maybe, for the first time, she don’t agree with Adelle… Because she does not want someone like you again.


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