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Me…. You….. Us.

There is that magical moment

That happens once in a lifetime

LIke two stars colliding in the sky…

I think I tasted magic from heaven

Right from the day I first set eyes on you.

You were everything everyone else wasn’t

And my mind saw embodied near-perfection

I wished I could get to you

To touch you – or the hem of your garment –

To see if you are really human –

Then I would go home content

if nothing really transpired.

However, or though, I hoped

that more would come to pass

That we would exchange numbers

And become good good friends

Then I would be happy – or glad.

But still, I dared to hope

That you and I would forever be

Friends, companions – and complements

That we – you and I – would hopefully

Raise our lives together

That our – yours and mine – children

Would grow surrounded

With love and care from us – daddy and mommy

That we – you and I – would learn to grow

Old – and age

gracefully, together

Sitting on a porch – the one we built together

Looking back and…

reading this

Smiling and appreciating the audacity of hope

But – alas! My heart grieves

Because I know, fully well – I know –

That inasmuch as I feel all this for you,

Although I know so little of you –

You, most probably, know –

not of my affection nor knowledge of you –

nothing of my existence.


CTS 2010


R………ead On!!!

Set a thief to catch a thief

Once bitten twice shy

Go to school and be a good girl

Join facebook and become a villain

Purple and red actually go together

Turn all the black grey then white

Windows Media Player battery:



Randomness should be a godsend gift

Words I love to hear


Random poetry that feels so random

A feeling, a state, a way of life that’s

random –

Of random, for random, by random

The coming to being of something

Unexpected, almost



I like, I loathe, I hate, I love

You despise, she adores,

We all feel something

However, I question



Emotions – if they come

As hard – and fast

In flow – rate out

Found – without loss

Random –

like my thoughts.


CTS 14.04.2010

Let Me

Where is the child within you,

I would like to know

Where you have buried him

He that would sit and watch paint dry…


I look at you today

And wonder is all I feel.

You have evolved

(positively or negatively, I do not know)

But now you are this person

Who is too busy to see

The little butterfly carefully perched

Atop a flower, on a delicate stalk.


Where is the carefree you,

The one who threw all care to the wind,

The one who left Gucci and Versace

By the riverbank to dive in for fun…

The one who had all the potential in the world

To stop in the middle of a marathon

And swirl and twirl with no care at all…


You were the one who forever brought me joy

You were the one who made me happy

You were the one who taught me fun

You were the one whose smile brightened my day…


Now we sit across the room from each other

And you stare into space –

The laughter lines around your eyes

Are slowly turning into worry wrinkles.

Something is eating at you

Something that works worse than wormwood…


I would, just for this once

Love to reciprocate all that you’ve done for me, so

Let me take you and give you joy

Let me re-teach you what you taught me

That life is short and we have no time

That we should take this time to enjoy each other…


Let us take beautiful walks in the garden

And take our time to stoop low –

Just low enough for our noses to touch the roses

And have the pollen stuck on our noses

(you liked that, do you still?)

Let us blow bubbles and watch them soar

Up, up, up…. until they POP!

Watch the wonder on the butterfly’s face

Seeing this spherical object in its domain…

Let us lay on the grass

Watching clouds drift and pass,

making all these shapes and patterns…

Let us run in the rain without a care

Like the way a dog runs after a hare

Then afterwards we will fix our hairs –

Or should I say you shall fix mine?


All in all, what I am trying to say

With all these many words on limited paper

Is that seeing you happy contributes largely

To my joy and happiness and feeling of well-being.

I want you to be happy

To overcome whatever is bothering you

Because we share much much more

Than just physical belongings.

Do it not for my sake.

Do it not for our sake.

Do it for your own sake,

Then my sake will have been catered for.


CTS 13.04.2010